Dream and Fly Modular Bedrooms

Dream and Fly is an innovative modular design accommodation destined for airports and managed by hour. Design, comfort, technology and functionality represent the focal points of our luxury low-cost POD concept.


The luxury low-cost Bubbles is a "plug and use" solution and can operate independently or as a conglomerate of Bubbles, i.e. Microhotel/Microresort both in the interior and exterior.


The modules are ideally situated in the areas with large concentrations of people like airports, sea ports, events, vacation and holiday resorts where there is a high mobility.


The Bubbles


The individual Bubbles / PODs are offered in four variants:


  - 5 m² (individual without bathroom)

  - 7 m² (individual with bathroom)

  - 10 m² (double/family with bathroom)

  - Microhotel/Microresort

 Why D & F ?


   - available room for layovers before early flights, transfers or cancelled flights

   - easily assembled

   - minimum time and space requirements

   - small investment

   - high ROI

   - enviromentally friendly

   - adherence to EC regulation 261/2004


Where D & F ?


   - airports

   - seaports

   - train stations

   - international fairs

   - major public events

   - private resorts

   - lofts and open warehouses

   - new unfinished constructions